Frequently Asked Questions

LUCKY = Love UR Comfy Knits and Yarns

When was Lucky Knits Shop established ?

Lucky Knits Shop was started in Oakville, Canada during the pandemic year 2020. The business went online in November 2020.  

Do you have a store outlet ?

Due to pandemic in 2020, we decided not to go with a store outlet and rather we sell all our products exclusively online. Products are also available for local pickup from our warehouse in Oakville, Canada.

Are these products made in Canada ?

Yes, all our products are 100% hand made in Oakville, Canada. We do not buy from overseas and resell. These hand knit products are made to order and are made using the most premium yarns hand knitted with love by expert knitters. 

What is your process ?

We make wide variety of hand knit products. We produce hats, gloves, home décor items, Christmas and seasonal products and blankets. To give you an idea, once the order is received, depending upon the size and complexity of the product, it can take from 1 day to 1 week to make the product. See below. Lapghan can take up to 5+ hrs. to make while a King size blanket can take over 30 + hours to make over many days. 



Width       Time To Make       Weight                  
Lapghan 36" 48" 5 hrs. 3 lbs.
Throw 50" 60" 8- 10 hrs. 5 lbs.
Twin 60" 90" 15-17 hrs. 9 lbs.
Double 90" 90" 20- 22 hrs.  13 lbs..
Queen 96" 100" 23- 26 hrs.  15 lbs.
King 110" 100" Over 30 + hrs. 17 lbs.


Are these products made in sanitary conditions ?

Yes absolutely. Our studio follows strict sanitation guidelines. Our knitters wear masks and each items produced is dust removed and UV sanitized with best available in market sanitizers. Product is then sealed, packed and shipped for your enjoyment. 


Are the blankets classified as weighted blankets ?

Yes, a Lapghan can weigh upto 3 lbs while a King size blanket can weigh up to 17-20 lbs. Due to the chunky chenille yarns being used, these blankets can provide amazing weighted blanket feel and can provide a very cozy and comfy experience. 

How long will it take my order to arrive and how can I track it ?

Once the order is produced, they take between 3-5 days to ship out. Local orders within driving distance of Oakville are usually dropped off. Otherwise, we use Canada Post / FedEx or UPS to ship your order. Once the item is shipped, we will email you your tracking number. You can use the tracking number to track it at the carrier website. Your tracking information should appear after 24 hours on most carriers once the product is shipped out. 

How do I know your business and website is safe to order from ? is hosted on Shopify which is a trusted hosting provider for millions of e-commerce websites. We do not store any credit card information or any personal data. Shopify secure servers ensure your data and credit card information is protected.  

Do you offer customization

Absolutely. We can customize any product for you. If you have customization needs, please email us.